Reasons to Attend


  • Act as corporate partners with ASNACC and its member countries that promote life-long learning
  • Demonstrate your company’s leadership in the fields of anesthesiology, neuroanesthesiology, neurosciences, and critical care
  • Exhibit and distribute marketing and promotional materials
  • Feature your company’s latest technological advances in the field
  • Raise your company’s visibility among the attendees
  • Reach key thought-leaders, academic, and industry researchers and clinicians
  • Create a network of opportunities with industry professionals
  • Be part of a meeting focused on neuroanesthesia and critical care in Asia


The programme offers events where delegates will experience a sharing of knowledge from distinguished experts in the fields of neuroanesthesia, critical care and neurosurgery. The attendees can look forward to participating the following activities:

  • Masterclasses every quarter in 2022 encompassing a variety of topics in neuroanesthesia to build momentum for the congress proper.
  • Sessions focusing on preoperative neurosurgical patient optimization, recent advances in neurosurgical practice and its anesthetic implications, interconnectivity of the brain with the other organ systems, neuro critical care, traumatic brain injury, and neurosurgical patient outcomes, with emphasis on the latest basic and clinical research in each session.
  • Plenary sessions with international speakers who are renowned in their different fields of specialty.
  • Research and interesting case presentations by various delegates from different Asian countries.
  • Sessions where delegates can participate interactively as part of the programme’s social activities.
  • Several virtual and hands-on boot camps to choose from, like neurologic emergencies, neuroimaging interpretation, neuromonitoring and simulation workshops.
  • Sponsored symposia which will cover a range of topics relevant to the practice of neuroanesthesia.


  • Anesthesiologists
  • Neuroanesthesiologists
  • Critical care specialists
  • Neurosurgeons
  • Neuroscience professionals
  • Doctors, trainees, and scientists interested in neuroanesthesiology and critical care
  • Allied medical health professionals involved in the care of neurological, neurosurgical, or critically ill patients
  • Scientists, doctors, and trainees undertaking research in related fields
  • Policy makers